Did you know skin is the largest organ? Without it we would die, it is the last to receive water, nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It is exposed daily to toxins, aging ingredients, inflammation, allergies…..it is important that we take care of this vital organ beauty is skin deep however, we feel our best when we look good.


5 Steps to Radiant Vibrant Skin

Main goal of a skin care regimen is to rebuild and protect the stratum corneum barrier to allow repairs and to improve recovery processes to maintain its structural and functional integrity.

  1. Cleanse- Remove environmental dirt, body secretions, and a surfactant. The right cleanser will not strip the acid mantle and will keep the facial skin on the acidic side (fights bacteria and other environmental aggressors). Harsh cleansers and soaps can alkalinize the skin and weaken the barrier irritating the skin.
  2. Exfoliate-AHA’s and retinols improve the skin because the molecules are small enough to penetrate the outer layer and reach the lower (dermis) layer. They work by dissolving the mortar that holds dead skin cells together, increasing cell turnover, and sloughing off dull, rough skin on the surface. Chemical Peels and Microdermabrasion.
  3. Nourish-Antioxidants and peptides nourish and feed the skin. Improve fine lines, wrinkles and even pigmentation. Antioxidants work by neutralizing free radicals and protecting against the environmental damage that leads to visible signs of damage. Antioxidants can rebuild the skin’s outer layers and protect against the visible effects of oxidation. Vitamin C, E, beta carotene, berries etc…
  4. Moisturize-Moisturize and hydrate the skin to prevent water loss and protect from environmental pathogens. In order for the stratum corneum to remain intact it must maintain flexibility and moisture for keeping the stratum corneum pliable.
  5. Protect- Using a SPF of 30 (98%) with zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide (physical blockers) will prevent photo-aging, and photo-carcinogenesis. SPF will help keep the skin’s barrier intact and healthy and help prevent UVA/UVB damage. Avoid the use of chemical sunscreens the can be irritating to the skin because the skin absorbs the chemical and the UV light.

Avoid products that contain parabens, chemicals, toxins, fragrances. Nourish the largest organ just like any other organ with fruits, vegetables, proteins and water.