“Your life is your own unique spiritual path, and if you cultivate your inner light, it will always shine on the Great way or the Great Tao.”













1:1 Life and Success Coaching
One on one Life and Success coaching occurs on a weekly or two-week basis. Upon first appointment Practitioner meets with client for a 45-minute consultation and creates SMART goals with client to determine the techniques used in future sessions. Life coaching techniques are paired with Neurolinguistics programming techniques to eliminate negative emotions, behaviors, and limiting beliefs and to help the client live in more aligned action with their goals. This work may include spiritual aspects and energy work when appropriate. Manifestation practices and SMART goal creation is included to help the client best attract their goals and to empower them to create a life of total alignment.
Initial consultation: 45 min: $75
Reoccurring weekly sessions: $

Intuitive Guidance
This session is directed more toward guidance personally and professionally. A one on one session to help direct one to their highest expression. Personal relationships and career are a focal point.
60 minute sessions: $100
30 minute sessions: $70

Grief, Loss and Life Transition Guidance